VEF’s purpose is to create long term shareholder value for our shareholders by investing in the future of finance across the emerging world.

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Below table represent the ten largest shareholders in VEF Ltd.
The total number of shareholders in VEF Ltd amounts to approximately 10,500.

Share capital

VEF Ltd’s share capital is distributed among 874,901,243 shares with a par value of USD 0.01 per shares as set out in the table below. Each share of the Company carry 1 vote. The Common Shares are represented by SDRs trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The 2019 Plan Shares and the 2020 Plan Shares are held by employees of VEF under the long-term incentive programs. The Plan Shares are convertible to Common Shares pursuant to the terms set out in VEF’s bye-laws.

Share classNumber of sharesNumber of votesShare capital (USD)
Common Shares829,251,243829,251,2438,292,512
2019 Plan Shares12,400,00012,400,000124,000
2020 Plan Shares33,250,00033,250,000332,500

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Financial calendar

Twelve month report 2019

Wednesday 12 February, 2020

Annual report 2019

Wednesday 25 March, 2020

1Q report 2020

Wednesday 29 April, 2020

AGM 2020

Wednesday 13 May, 2020

2Q report 2020

Thursday 30 July, 2020

3Q report 2020

Wednesday 04 November, 2020

4Q20 report 2020

Wednesday 03 February, 2021