Our purpose is to create long term sustainable value for our shareholders by investing in the future of finance across the emerging world.

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Share capital

VEF AB (publ)’s share capital is distributed among 1,093,199,255 shares with a par value of SEK 0.01 per share as set out in the table below. Each share of the Company carries 1 vote. The Common Shares trade on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Main Market. Shares of Class C 2020, Class C 2021 and Class C 2022 are held by employees of VEF under the long-term incentive programs. The incentive shares are convertible to Common Shares pursuant to the terms set out in VEF’s articles of association and provide rights to participation in VEF’s assets and earning, subject to certain performance conditions being fulfilled.

Share class Number of shares Number of votes Share capital (SEK)
Common Shares 1,041,865,735 1,041,865,735 10,540,895
Class C 2020 32,751,250 32,751,250 331,352
Class C 2021 8,229,375 8,229,375 83,259
Class C 2022 10,352,895 10,352,895 104,743
Total 1,093,199,255 1,093,199,255 11,060,159


Below table represent the ten largest common shareholders in VEF AB (publ).
The total number of shareholders in VEF AB (publ) amounts to approximately 18,000.

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4Q23 report

Wednesday 24 January, 2024

Annual report 2023

Thursday 28 March, 2024

1Q24 report

Wednesday 17 April, 2024

Annual General Meeting 2024, Stockholm

Tuesday 14 May, 2024

2Q24 report

Wednesday 17 July, 2024

3Q24 report

Wednesday 23 October, 2024

4Q24 report

Wednesday 22 January, 2025