Who we are

We are dedicated and experienced investors in fintech and emerging markets. Our purpose is to create long term sustainable value for our shareholders by investing in the future of finance across emerging markets from Brazil to India. From investment to exit, we take a long-term perspective to support entrepreneurs and their teams on their journey.

What we do

We are a listed investment company that invests in growth stage private fintech companies in emerging markets such as Brazil, Mexico, India and Pakistan. We take minority stakes and are active investors with board representation in the majority of our portfolio holdings. Our team has longstanding experience in the financial services sector and global emerging markets, using our deep sector knowledge to help our companies grow and reach their full potential. VEF is listed on OMX Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker VEFAB.


Investing in emerging markets

Investing in emerging markets involves taking on macroeconomic risk while seizing the opportunities presented by rapidly growing populations, increasing economic growth, and unmet customer needs. The fundamental shift towards digitalization across all industries and sectors in the world also unlocks substantial growth opportunities for financial services. The end game is a digital financial world, with fintech playing a key role in the growth of emerging markets. We invest in companies that have the ability to navigate market uncertainty and volatility, ultimately emerging in a stronger position to scale and thrive in these markets.

Our strategic pillars

Our strategic pillars, the prism through which we think about everything we do, what drives our strategy and makes us successful as an investment company. Success cannot be obtained without these three pillars functioning equally well.

Love Your Investors

Invest Well and Live

Build a Business for the Long Term

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