A financial services marketplace to the unbanked population on their mobile phones.

The company partners with banks and mobile network operators and is the largest and fastest- growing technology platform operating inclusive mobile financial services marketplaces in emerging markets. The company counts over 14mln unique customers to date with over USD 1 bln in funds disbursed. Importantly, in the context of finance as a force for good, for 80% of customers it is their first interaction with formal financial services. When it comes to ESG footprint, Jumo is the benchmark holding in our portfolio, having already integrated ESG work into its strategy, processes and daily business operations.

“JUMO is receiving impact credit for the lending business. The company lends to formal and informal SMEs. Informal traders, often shunned by banks, can borrow – this allows these underbanked businesses to gain the capital needed to thrive.”

– JUMO GIIRS Report 2017

Through scalable and highly adaptive technology, JUMO is removing barriers to access and reaching segments that have been previously excluded from financial services.

1 in 4 households’ income of under USD 2 per day

1 in 3 customers are women 1 300 000 women served

20% live in rural areas

Over 90% of JUMO’s customers earn under USD 10 per day

2 in 3 customers are MSMEs 2 000 000 business owners served

1 100 000

First-time users of digital financial services

3 400 000

People served to date

Reporting: JUMO regularly assesses its performance against Customer Operating Principles (COPs) and provides quarterly communications to investors on social impact and bi-annual social impact reports. The business carries out an annual Independent B-impact GIIRS (Rated 2017–2019).

VEF’s invested capital: USD 14.6 mln

VEF’s ownership stake: 6.8%