Caters to the financial wellness of business and their employees

Pakistan has a very large unbanked population and only a few percent of adults and MSMEs in Pakistan have access to formal credit. Finja is Pakistan’s leading digital lending platform with an integrated payments ecosystem focused on the financial wellness of businesses and their employees and specifically MSMEs. Finja also offers a mobile wallet which allows anyone with a smartphone to open a bank account easily, giving users access to multiple additional financial services. Finja collects transaction data and can therefore develop credit scores for its users. Only a fraction of the population and MSMEs in Pakistan have some kind of credit scoring today and for Finja users this is a clear value-add.

Finja also offers payroll-backed loans, allowing employees access to a loan with their salary as security to a very small fee. These employees have either previously not had access to formal credit or have only had access to credit at very high cost.

Additionally, Finja is the first company in Pakistan to structure Islamic compliant loan products together with their partner Meezaan Bank.

More than 35,000 loans disbursed to date

More than 200,000 unique retail customers of which almost 50% are underserved

More than 3,000 unique MSME customers of which 100% are sole proprietors and a vast majority are underserved