Our journey with Creditas

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June 26, 2024

Creditas stands out as the biggest and one of the best portfolio companies in VEF’s investment journey. Making our first investment in Creditas back in 2017, we recognized its potential when the Brazilian market was at a low ebb in the cycle. Over the years, Creditas has gone from strength to strength, continuously proving the value of our early conviction. Our commitment has only grown, leading us to invest more in the company over time.

We’ve proudly introduced Creditas to our network of shareholders, some of whom have become direct investors in the company, creating a powerful circle of value creation. Our partnership has been mutually beneficial—Creditas has thrived, and we’ve been able to add value by facilitating access to additional capital. Hear from our CEO, Dave Nangle, as he shares more about VEF’s journey with Creditas.