Finance as a force for good

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April 12, 2024

At VEF, we seek investments that offer strong financial returns while also addressing economic and social challenges within their respective markets, making finance a force for good. Investing in fintech enables us to support economic development and improve social conditions through the provision of better financial services, which facilitate trade and commerce, reduce financial inequality, and allow individuals and businesses to invest in their future, improve productivity and become more financially resilient.

Leveraging innovative technology, the companies we back improve access to financial services for millions of customers who were previously unserved or underserved by incumbents. These services are often provided at more affordable costs and at more favorable and simpler terms, empowering both consumers and SMEs to thrive.

In our latest video, Helena Caan Mattsson, our Head of Sustainability, shares insights on how we harness finance as a force for good at VEF.