VEF presents at Swedish retail investor event

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March 18, 2024

Earlier this month, Helena Caan Mattsson, our General Counsel and Head of Sustainability, attended Stora Aktiedagarna to give a presentation on VEF. The event was hosted by Aktiespararna, a members’ organization representing 70,000 private retail investors in Sweden. The event featured presentations from various companies, including VNV Global and SSAB. We asked Helena to share her takeaways from the event.

What type of event is Stora Aktiedagarna?
Stora Aktiedagarna took place over three days in Stockholm, and serves as a hub for companies to meet prospective retail investors. It is a forum where Swedish retail investors hear presentations from and learn about selected companies listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For investment companies like us, it’s a great venue to meet prospective retail investors.

What was your main takeaway from the event?
This forum was a fantastic opportunity for us to deep-dive into our investment case with a highly engaged audience. We were able to articulate VEF’s journey, highlight the strength of our portfolio companies, and convey our broader vision. Beyond simply presenting the company, we engaged in meaningful discussions with investors and addressed their questions on VEF and our portfolio.

For our Swedish-speaking audience, a video recording of the presentation is available below.