5 ways Gringo is changing car ownership in Brazil

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February 8, 2024

Owning a car in Brazil can be both time consuming and enormously expensive. With bureaucratic hurdles, complex administrative paperwork, and high taxes and maintenance costs, Brazil ranks as the second most expensive country in the world to own a car, after South Africa. Enter Gringo, the disruptor reshaping car ownership in Brazil.

In just over four years, Gringo has digitized car ownership for millions of drivers in Brazil. Through their fully embedded digital finance solution, the financial and administrative burden of owning a car has been eased for millions of their customers.

1. Cutting through bureaucracy

Drivers enjoy the ease of document management via Gringo, paying a fixed fee for the service. By digitizing paperwork and automating procedures, Gringo reduces administrative burdens and improves efficiency. Users can easily navigate through vehicle ownership, making transactions smoother and faster. The app offers drivers the ability to pay their dues digitally through the Gringo app and find credit solutions on taxes due to be paid.

2. Payments of fees

Gringo offers drivers the ability to pay their vehicle-related fees digitally through the Gringo app, and avail of credit solutions on taxes due to be paid. With high annual vehicle licence fees and taxes due annually, Gringo’s solution allows its users to split the cost over time and pay these fees in instalments.

3. Better insurance and credit options

Gringo has established a unique relationship with its customers, and as such, has access to a deep pool of data to assess the needs of drivers at different points in their vehicle journeys. The platform lets customers easily compare insurance and auto equity loan offerings, allowing users to choose the products most suited to their needs. Gringo offers a complete loan and insurance origination process in the app, meaning that customers complete these transactions on the same platform.

 4. Regulatory integrations

As of 2024, Gringo is fully integrated with 13 of Brazil’s federal transport departments, adapting the platform for state regulations and cooperating with state-approved banks. In this way, Gringo is helping to transcend regulatory barriers for Brazilians, making more options available to more consumers.

 5. Matching buyers and sellers in the auto market

Gringo has accumulated a rich data set of transaction behaviour and customer preferences and has the ability to anticipate customer needs at different points in their vehicle journey. Soon, Gringo will be able to provide customers with a tailored, improved vehicle purchasing experience, and provide sellers with improved financing and insurance cross-sell opportunities.


Gringo is revolutionizing the Brazilian car ownership experience, saving time and cutting costs for millions of drivers, while capturing a significant share of the profit pools within the auto industry. To learn more about our investment in Gringo, read our report on the company here.